What Should You Pay for your PHOSPHORUS this year?

Why use Phosphorus on pastures?

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Phosphorus is one of the major plant nutrients in the soil. It is a constituent of plant cells, essential for cell division and development of the growing tip of the plant. For this reason it is vital for seedlings and young plants.

Deficiency symptoms
Without phosphorus, plant growth is retarded. Plants have stunted roots, and are stunted and spindly. Deficiency symptoms also include dull greyish-green leaves and red pigment in leaf bases and dying leaves. Phosphorus deficiency is difficult to diagnose, and by the time it is recognised it may be too late to do anything. If plants are starved of phosphorus as seedlings they may not recover when phosphorus is applied later.

Phosphorus fertilisers
Like most Australian soils, North Coast soils are naturally low in phosphorus due to extensive weathering. While native plants are adapted to these low levels, introduced crops and pasture grasses are not, which means you need to apply phosphorus fertilisers to soil to achieve productive yields. Australian farmers use much more phosphorus than nitrogen and potassium compared with farmers in Europe and USA.*

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Who should you choose as a Phosphorus Supplier?

BioAg has strict quality control processes, which set some of the highest quality standards in the industry.

Our new shipment of reactive phosphate rock (RPR), which we use to produce our BioAgPhos range, is no exception.

This new rock has a very high phosphorus content of 13% (dry weight basis), is beneficiated so less dust, while containing relatively low levels of heavy metal cadmium.

Apart from increased performance, the only difference you will notice is the new rock is much darker in colour, almost black. Differences in colour between different rock deposits are common and should not of concern, as long as the analysis is satisfactory. It has high citric and formic acid solubility of 37% and 66% respectively, making it an ideal product for your enterprise.

The new Algerian RPR derived BioAgPhos contains more P than the Egyptian material that it replaces. On a dry weight basis it is 13% P, so assume 12% as received. Our special December payment price is available from our friendly ream and is a $30 saving off the full RRP that you can expect to pay later in the Autumn.

So BioAgPhos and it blends represent both the opportunity to apply long lasting P and great value at the same time when compared to commodity soluble P fertilisers. In addition our usual volume discounts will apply so we urge you to get in contact with your BioAg agronomist, so he can establish your needs for the coming season and lock in a deal for you.

One of BioAg’s guiding principles has always been to source the highest quality raw materials available to us at the time.

For more information on the use of Phosphorus Fertilizers ask our friendly team in store at Coffs Harbour Produce or call us on 66522599.

*Information sourced from www.dpi.nsw.gov.au
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