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What’s the Best Options to Rid Your Poultry of Parasites

Coffs Harbour Produce Poultry Lice Products

One of the responsibilities of owning Chickens is make sure they maintain good health.  Chickens can be prone to Parasites and Lice.

But never fear there are lots of products in store to assist you with the control of Bird Lice.  If you are not sure if your flock is affected by parasites, you can do a bit of reading here and learn more about bird dwelling parasites.

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What is Coccidiossis and Why You Need to Know About It

Coccidiossis in ChickensCoccidiossis is a disease of birds and mammals that chiefly affects the intestines, caused by coccidia. It is one of the most common diseases to affect chickens and as such should be in the vocabulary of every backyard chicken keeper.

Coccidiossis is species-specific, which means if you have livestock around with coccidiosis they won’t infect your chickens and vice versa. However, coccidiosis doesn’t discriminate amongst the avian species – ducks, turkeys, geese can all pass the disease on to chickens and vice versa.*

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Get To Leafminer Before It Gets A Hold On Your Citrus Trees

LeafMiner-4What is a Leafminer?
Technically the Citrus leafminer, Phyllocnistis citrella, is a small moth pest of citrus.

How do they Damage Citrus Plants?
Damage is caused by the larvae as they mine immature foliage. Twisted and curled leaves are generally the first symptoms noticed. Severe infestations, (an average of two or more mines per leaf) can retard the growth Continue reading