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Why Grassmaster Is So Successful For Your Lawn

Terra Firma GrassmasterGrassmaster’s new formulation using bio-catalyst protected high-analysis nitrogen and phosphate fertilisers to produce excellent results for your lawn, turf, pasture, fairways and resorts. With it’s easy to spread granules, the high level of humic acid in Grassmaster not only stimulates beneficial soil fungi, but also Continue reading

4 Top Tips for a Lush, Green Lawn – Part 1

4 Tips for Lush Green LawnEver gone ‘green’ with envy over the neighbour’s lawn?

You too could have the perfect lawn. Here are some tips to get that Emerald blanket growing in your front yard.

Fertilize but don’t burn…

Plants in controlled environments need to be hand fertilized. The trick here (especially in drought conditions) is to not ‘burn’ your lawn.

What is Fertilizer Burn?

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Not sure what sort of Hay to Feed?

Grass Hay Round BaleWhat you need to know about Grass Hay

There are two main types of hay available to feed horses and cattle.  Whether they are in Round Bales or Square bales.  Lucerne Hay and Grass Hay being the most popular.

Lucerne Hay is a favourite for horses, and contains ample protein (between 15% – 18%).  For some horses this may be more than they require.  Meadow Hay or Grass Hay can average between Continue reading