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Why Grassmaster Is So Successful For Your Lawn

Terra Firma GrassmasterGrassmaster’s new formulation using bio-catalyst protected high-analysis nitrogen and phosphate fertilisers to produce excellent results for your lawn, turf, pasture, fairways and resorts. With it’s easy to spread granules, the high level of humic acid in Grassmaster not only stimulates beneficial soil fungi, but also Continue reading

Why You Need to Start Thinking About Bindis Right Now

What is Bindi?

Bindi Eye Weed

Horticoultralist and Gardeing Guru Jerry Coleby-Williams says… “Bindii, Soliva sessilis, is a common lawn weed. It’s an annual, that is a low-growing, ground hugging plant. They germinate as seed during the start of the cool seasons, flower in late winter to spring, and set lots of small, burred seed. Most people are picking them out of their feet when they realise it’s been growing in their garden for ages…”*

The best time to eradicate Bindi is Continue reading

What Should You Pay for your PHOSPHORUS this year?

Why use Phosphorus on pastures?

Bio Ag Phos Comparison Image

Phosphorus is one of the major plant nutrients in the soil. It is a constituent of plant cells, essential for cell division and development of the growing tip of the plant. For this reason it is vital for seedlings and young plants.

Deficiency symptoms
Without phosphorus, plant growth is retarded. Plants have Continue reading

What Fertilizer Do You Use in Your Garden?

Why should you fertilize?

What Fertilizer Do You Use in Your Garden?

Humans require certain nutrients from food. Similarly, plants require specific nutrients in order to thrive. Unlike humans, plants cannot simply take a daily vitamin, but instead depend on their caretakers to provide the necessary nutrients for survival. Fertilizers contain the necessary nutrients for plants to reach Continue reading