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Winter – The Perfect Time To Fence

Coffs Harbour Produce | Fencing Post & WireLet’s face it Fencing is a tough job to do in the Summer months, when it is hot and humid! So the Winter months are the perfect time to jump into those fencing tasks and get them completed so you can enjoy Spring.

What you will need

To construct or repair your fence you will need the following:

  • a helper
  • pliers
  • posts (strainers and drop posts)
  • wire
  • post hole-digger
  • gripples and applicator or wire-strainers Continue reading

The Best Black Stallion For Your Property

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the most worthwhile ways to improve the value of your rural property is to install durable rural fencing. Fencing not only defines your territory, but fences are also a key part of any farm management plan. Good fencing will increase the value of your property and keep your farm running smoothly.

To improve the aesthetics of your property and potentially increase Continue reading

Do You Have Fence Power?

Fault Finders and Current TestersGrass is the cheapest form of feeding livestock, so it makes sense to utilise every bit you grow. It makes even more sense to graze your paddocks in such a way as to almost “extend” your growing season and sustain your winter forage.

By using Electric Fencing you can rotate and rest paddocks to maintain livestock health.

The Basics on How to Maintain Your Electric Fence Continue reading