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What Is The Importance Of Salt For Your Livestock

Rock SaltThe elements of common salt, sodium and chlorine, are essential for animal life. They are part of several functions in maintaining osmotic pressure in body cells which is vital to the transfer of nutrients and waste products across the cell membrane. Salt is a major component of fluid blood, which contains about 0.17% of both Continue reading

3 Top Tips For Preparing Your Laying Chickens For Spring

Top 2 Tips for Chicken For SpringIn the day of our grandparents every Aussie backyard had a Chook shed that provided eggs and the odd roast dinner.

Chickens are quite intelligent animals and require little upkeep in the grand scale of pet ownership, plus they have the added reward of egg production.

Here are 3 Top Tips To Keeping Your Flock Healthy For Spring and Maximum Egg Production..

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Cheap Layer Feed.. Is It Really Cheaper?

Is Cheaper Layer Pellets CheaperIs Cheaper Better For Egg Production?

This article aims to give those who are feeding poultry a working knowledge of a few areas to consider when feeding poultry for egg production. Assuming that feed & cool clean drinking water is available and accessible to all birds 24/7 and that there are no health complications there are a two
key areas that Continue reading

Oils Aint Oils!

Performa Oil 3What oil supplement should you be feeding your horse?

All oils provide the same level of energy but that doesn’t make all oils the same.

Despite what some manufacturers may imply, whether it’s Canola, Cottonseed, Safflower, Sunflower or Linseed oil being used, the available energy from all oils is equal.

Trainers and owners of horses in racing and other performance fields are aware that adding oils to feed provides an additional or alternative source of energy that is cooler than energy provided by grains. However, there is little knowledge of the other important roles oils play in the horse’s body and whether the oil currently being used provides all the available benefits.

Oils have four main roles, Continue reading