Stock Feed

  • Poultry Feed

We stock a huge range of Poultry feed from the following suppliers:

  • Ridleys
  • Riverina
  • Allora Grain
  • AusOrganics
  • Horse Feed & Supplements

Huge range of horse wormers/drenches, lick blocks, molasses, feed supplements.

Prime lucerne hay and 2nd grade lucerne hay is available along with oaten hay and when available we stock clover/rye hay. Chaff is available in lucerne, wheaten, oaten and mixed chaff (50/50 Oaten & Lucerne).

We also stock a broad range of manufactured Horse Feed from such suppliers as:

  • Ridleys
  • Riverina
  • Prydes
  • Robank
  • Hygain
  • Mitavite
  • Horsepower
  • Cattle Feed & Supplements

  • Ridleys
  • Riverina
  • Olssons Blocks
  • Natramin Blocks
  • Lucerne Hay both 1st & 2nd grade

Ask us today about our range of feed for sheep, goats, alpacas and macropods. We also stock a range of Organic feeds, contact us for more information.

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