Reduce The Risk – Liver Fluke


Coffs Harbour Produce Control Liver FlukeThe wet weather is due to arrive resulting in higher incidence of Liver Fluke.

Liver Fluke infests not just Cattle and Sheep, they can also invade the bodies of Goats, Horses and Pigs.  Although in our region, cattle are most likely to be effected.

We published an article which you can read here, that describes specifically what Liver Fluke is, the Life Cycle and how this pest is distributed.

So what’s the best treatment?

Pour on’s are the simplest and easiest treatment for Liver Fluke in cattle… Genesis Ultra is a great solution to stay on top of Liver Fluke, as it is near impossible to eradicate this parasite from your property.

Talk to our friendly team today about options in controlling parasites in your stock.

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