Myth Bust – Cats and Rodents

Tomcat Video Cat1MYTH: Having cats is good for mouse prevention.

FACT: Not all cats are good “mousers,” and few cats will challenge a rat. Although some cats hunt for mice, many cats tolerate rats or mice, especially when they are well-fed and won’t do much for mouse prevention. It could be said that more rats and mice have been fed by cat food than killed by a cat.*

MYTH: If you see rats or mice in the daytime, there is a large population around.

FACT: Although primarily nocturnal, rats and mice may move about at any time of the day or night. They are more visible during the daytime because it is easier for people to see them. Sightings usually are not a good indicator of how many rats or mice are living nearby.*

MYTH: Rats and Mice only breed and move indoors during  Autumn.

FACT: Rats and mice can breed year-round when there are adequate food, shelter and warm-temperature opportunities. Rats and mice cannot hibernate, and will spend more time inside burrows or structures to stay warm during cold weather, but still can explore their environments, looking for food and shelter. Invasions of buildings might be more noticed in the fall, particularly in northern areas after frost, when ground cover is reduced and crop fields have been cut.*

There are higher performing and more reliable solutions for rodent infestations.  Infact the only cat you need is Tomcat.

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