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What’s the Best Options to Rid Your Poultry of Parasites

Coffs Harbour Produce Poultry Lice Products

One of the responsibilities of owning Chickens is make sure they maintain good health.  Chickens can be prone to Parasites and Lice.

But never fear there are lots of products in store to assist you with the control of Bird Lice.  If you are not sure if your flock is affected by parasites, you can do a bit of reading here and learn more about bird dwelling parasites.

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Beating the Flies Around Stables and Coups

EfektoFlyTrapSummer is a beautiful time of year, sunny skies, warm weather, BBQ’s… and FLIES!

These pesky insects will multiple and are attracted to Stables and Chicken Coups. Fly Traps are available in many places ­ but most have a very limited use. They often don’t actually attract many flies or if they do, they don’t actually trap them. Some use harmful chemicals and the cost is often prohibitive as well.

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