A Deck to Impress

A Deck to ImpressSpring is here! It is the perfect time to prepare your outdoor deck for a long summer of entertaining with friends and family.

Most jobs of this caliber cease to start or finish due to lack of knowledge and planning. But never fear the great team at Coffs Harbour Produce and Paint Place have all the expert knowledge to start you on track with your deck finishing project.

Steve Fripp (resident paint expert at Coffs Harbour Produce and Paint Place) has detailed a plan to get you started.

Here is Steve’s top tips for refinishing decks…

Prepare. “Make sure before you start your deck refinishing project that your surface is clear of mould and BBQ grease”.

Steve highly recommends using a product like Haymes Easywood Cleaner to prepare your surface and remove contaminants like mould.

“To get the best finish and application, be sure that your timber is totally dry, even a light Dew could ruin all your hard work” Steve says.

Don’t mix products. “Never try and use a water base product over an oil product” warns Steve. “If you are wishing to change from oil products to a water based product like Haymes Simply Woodcare Dexpress. It is recommended to hire a sander and strip the timber and old product off prior to applying product”.

Want to know what to use and how to apply Decking Products? Steve’s answer… “ Either Mohair roller or applicator for most decking products. Decking oil is best applied by an applicator like a Lamb’s Wool applicator or by brush. Decking oil tends to stick to the roller and doesn’t give an even coat”.

“Also make sure your first coat is completely dry before reapplying”. Steve goes on to say “Water based products will usually require a second quote, especially if it is the first finish of this style of product.”

How often do you refinish your deck? Steve recommends that “Your decking timber will start greying or discolouring in high traffic areas. Most decking products whether they are water or oil based, last between 12 months to 2 years however, West facing decks and full sun exposed decks will require more regular re-finishing”.

Still need more advice? Steve is waiting at our store to answer all your questions and help you get your deck refinishing project started.

Come in to Coffs Harbour Produce or call on 6652 2599…

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